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HTML page templates described with a toml config

HTOML file example (contents of a .toml)

# Title of the HTML page
title = "Homepage"

# Path to html output
output = "publish/index.html"

# Different sections for the HTML document

# Navigation section [Optional]
# Variant to use
variant = "basic"
# Links for the navigation
links = [{url= "/", text= "Home"}, {url= "/about", text= "About"}, {url= "/contact", text= "Contact Us"}]

# Hero section [Optional]
# Variant to use
variant = "basic"
heading = "Awesome Hero"
sub_heading = "This is a cool sub heading"


To generate .html files from .toml files run the following command:

# This an example, use your own .toml files
$ htoml index.toml about.toml contact.toml