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At kwatafana cyber security is one of our core focus areas, we go the extra mile to keep our systems secure.

Cyber security is all about defending against unwanted data controls. Or more precisely enforcing Confidentiality, Integrity and data Availability within a system (notice that these make up the CIA acronym 😜).

We are woriking on cyrtophora a fullstack framework for building secure internet services. It is a core component in our infrastructure, we use it for a number of our services.

Alongside cyrtophora we are writing a cyber-security guide 🔐 secure bits, it details the defensive techniques used in cyrtophora. The book is meant to be a general guide to cyber-security.

High Assurance Systems

We try our best to make our software and networking services robust and highly available, one of our long term goals is to make it possible that our systems can function in safety critical environments.

You can read more in: 🔗 dependable bits.


One way to learn about avenues of attack, is by trying to attack existing systems. At we do this with h4 our tool to test the security of our services but it is generic enough to be used by any cyber security researcher.

We also help organizations with their cyber-security, we can try to hack your software or internet services from android apps, web servers to cryptography related systems. We will give you a detailed report of the vulnerabilities we find and how to prevent them. If you are interested in this please drop us an email

Some of our 🔓 writeups of the systems we hacked.
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